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It Starts With You

Show us your vision, and we will help you get there.
Our objective is to meet your company’s physical needs so that you can achieve your goals. That means that the whole process starts with a meeting to determine what those needs are and how we can find the best solutions together. During this stage, we’ll not only listen to you and problem-solve for unique situations, we can also help with property evaluations and feasibility studies. Over the years, we have become well versed in property development, helping clients achieve their dreams from the ground up.

How Does Design-Build Construction Work?


Preliminary Phase

After an in-depth assessment of your company’s needs, we’ll assemble preliminary project designs and budgets. Your designs will include a floorplan and elevation to begin bringing your ideas into focus. These designs ensure that we are on track, and the preliminary budgets allow you to determine the financial feasibility of the project.

Finalizing Your Vision

The next step is to sign a contract and proceed with finalizing plans and budgets. We’ll partner with a team of architects and engineers who have extensive experience working on a variety of projects to ensure that every element of your project’s design meets your needs. As we finalize plans for your vision, we’ll also provide more specified budgets. By the end of this stage, you’ll be able to see your dreams taking shape.

Construction Phase

Then it’s time for us to get our hands dirty, and for you to sit back and relax. As we break ground and execute the process of building your project, you’ll stay up-todate with weekly/bi-weekly owner meetings, regular budget and project schedule updates, and open communication from start to finish. We pride ourselves in our dedication to and ability to maintain timelines and budgets throughout the rigorous construction phase.

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